About tmacielnetto

There is something special in capturing moments in time to tell a story, like a visual narrative. Photography has been a passion since my first nephew was born in 1989 and I could rapidly tell that time passes by very quickly as I saw him grow, and that memories ought to be kept, visual memories. Then I moved away, and my favourite subject to photograph wasn't there.

Life then became just about working the daily grind and making do! It wasn't until I purchased my first mobile with a camera, and again had children around in 2012, that the fire was rekindled and I began photographing again, at first with the mobile, but soon after I moved to point and shoot cameras to record those precious moments in time. I also began traveling around England and Europe and taking all kinds of pictures.

In 2015 while taking some time off from work and visiting my family in Brazil, I took a photographers course, and I learned to move away from the automatic to the manual controls and found out I can make choices whether I want movement, blurred backgrounds, etc.

I would like to help people make and keep precious moments through photography!